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Quick Facts
Currencylari (GEL)
Areatotal: 69,700 sq km
water: 0 sq km
land: 69,700 sq km
Population4,960,951 (July 2002 est.)
LanguageGeorgian 71% (official), Russian 9%, Armenian 7%, Azeri 6%, other 7%
note: Abkhaz is the official language in Abkhazia
ReligionGeorgian Orthodox 65%, Muslim 11%, Russian Orthodox 10%, Armenian Apostolic 8%, unknown 6%

Georgia is a country in Southwestern Asia. It lies at the eastern end of the Black Sea, with Turkey and Armenia to the south, Azerbaijan to the east, and Russia to the north, over the Caucasus Mountains.


  • Abkhazia
  • Ajaria
Administrative divisions 
9 regions, (mkharebi, singular - mkhare), 9 cities* (k'alak'ebi, singular - k'alak'i), and 2 autonomous republics** (avtomnoy respubliki, singular - avtom respublika); Abkhazia or Ap'khazet'is Avtonomiuri Respublika** (Sokhumi), Ajaria or Acharis Avtonomiuri Respublika** (Bat'umi), Chiat'ura*, Gori*, Guria, Imereti, Kakheti, K'ut'aisi*, Kvemo Kartli, Mtskheta-Mtianeti, P'ot'i*, Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti, Rust'avi*, Samegrelo and Zemo Svaneti, Samtskhe-Javakheti, Shida Kartli, T'bilisi*, Tqibuli*, Tsqaltubo*, Zugdidi*
note: the administrative centers of the 2 autonomous republics are shown in parentheses


  • Tbilisi - Capital
Ports and harbors 
Bat'umi, P'ot'i, Sokhumi

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Get in

By plane

There are flights to Tblisi from a number of European and Asian cities, including London, Paris, Vienna, and Moscow.

By bus

There are direct bus services from Istanbul, Turkey, which stop at various places on the route and terminate in Tbilisi.

By boat

There are boat services to Batumi from Istanbul and Odessa.

Get around


Marchriutkas are minibuses that operate on fixed lines. After finding out the number of your route, flag down a Marchriutka at the street. In Tbilisi, they will take you most anywhere for under half a lari. There are also Marchriutka lines from city to city. These usually terminate at bus stations.


Tbilisi has a metro system.


Georgian 71% (official), Russian 9%, Armenian 7%, Azeri 6%, other 7%
note: Abkhaz is the official language in Abkhazia
Georgian uses the Mxedruli alphabet, which is unrelated to both Latin and Cyrillic alphabets.

For language-fans, Georgian and its related languages are a real treat. For everyone else, they could be a nightmare. Georgian is a Caucasian language, which means that it is related to other languages nearby but nothing spoken on the European continent. While the formidable consonant clusters are frightening enough as is, the addition of a foreign alphabet will render communication very difficult indeed.




Definitely try out Georgian wine. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to export home-bottled wine, which is often the best kind. Georgian wines are actually quite famous. It may be true that they are unknown in the West, but this does definitely not include some 280 million people. This is roughly the population of former USSR where Georgian wines used to be a welcomed drink at any dining table.


Georgia has a number of beers, the most common brands are Kazbegi and Argo.




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